Let us laugh before we die

My other long-term pet project is lolx.ro where I just collect&share funny images. It was hosted on google app engine a few years ago and the trafic just was low. So I decided last month to port it to a new web content site, and I chose this platform that's also running this site: HTMLY, because it's fast and simple, no database required - basically what wordpress wanted to be in the beginning.

So I just wanted to share that, so that we can have a few laughs (even if it's in romanian language - a few images are pretty self-explanatory)

Here are some links also about the current arms race between China, North Korea, USA and Russia:

China tests nuclear-capable hypersonic missile: Report
North Korea offered a good look at its new hypersonic missile as Kim Jong Un vowed to build 'invincible military'
Russian hypersonic nukes capable of wiping out US cities 'on alert': Putin
US successfully tests Mach 5 hypersonic missile

There is a good chance that if WW III breaks out, one of this hypersonic missile will kill us without any warning (hypersonic -> you die before you hear it coming)